Jewelry 101

It's time for another jewelry session. Today I will be showing you how to make a simple woven bracelet with beads. It's actually pretty easy!

What you'll need:
Thin twine or string
Lighter or Super Glue

1. Cut two pieces of twine/string that are around 2' long and another two pieces about 1' long, secure with tape with the long pieces on the outside

 2. Cross the left thread over top of the middle threads

3. Place the right thread over top of the left thread and under the two threads in the middle, pulling it through the loop on the left side

4. Pull on left and right thread to secure the knot

5. Repeat those steps starting on the right side this time (alternating sides will keep the knots straight and flat)

6. Do this knot 8 times (4 on each side)

7. Place middle threads through a bead

8. Loop two knots between every bead

9. Once you're done placing the beads on, perform the knot another 8 times (4 on each side)

**The number of beads you use will depend on how large you want the bracelet to be and how large, in diameter, the beads are. I used 14 beads, 8mm in diameter.

10. Bring the middle threads from the top and bottom part of the bracelet, meshing them together

Secure with tape

11. Perform the knot as previously shown (24 times, 12 on each side)

12. Cut the extra thread near the knots and pull on the middle threads, closing the bracelet

13: Tie a general knot on each middle thread, place thread through a small bead and tie another knot on top of the small bead (this is a nice decorative touch)

14. Use a lighter to burn the extra threads on the end of the knots. This will prevent the knot from coming out (you can also use a super glue as I explained in a previous post

And you're done!

Stack them!

It might take a little bit of time to get everything down but you'll quickly get the hang of it! 

Until next time.....