Jewelry 101

I've recently been getting in to different types of jewelry making. I used to do all the hemp bracelets and such when I was a kid and my interest has made a resurgence. I tend to venture more on the simple and casual side when it comes to jewelry (if you haven't noticed). 

What I'm going to show you today is a super cute and easy to make necklace. It's a perfect casual, day necklace.

First you will need to pick up some items from your local bead store:

Gold chain (usually sold by the foot), a clasp, 4 jump rings, 5 colorful beads (these are 10mm in diameter), round nose pliers, wire cutters

Gold Wire
Step 1: Curl wire, making a circle

Step 2: Thread beads

Step 3: Make another circle after threading the beads and snip wire

Step 4: Cut the chain to desired length (Hint: if you like an 18" necklace, cut two pieces of chain about 8" long)

Step 5:  Open jump ring by twisting the pliers and your fingers in opposite directions

Loop jump ring through end of chain and close jump ring

:: Do this on both ends of each chain ::

Step 6: Open one of the jump rings at the end of one of the chains

Step 7: Loop the clasp through the jump ring you just opened

Close jump ring

Step 8: Open one jump ring on each chain and loop it through the circles you made on either side of the beads; close jump rings

Step 9: Wear and enjoy

It might take you awhile at first to get everything down. But don't get frustrated. After you make a few, you'll be able to do this in no time.

Hope you enjoyed this! More jewelry making to come in the future!

Have a wonderful day!