Photo Collage

I love hanging photos in my room. It makes your place feel much more homey and personal. The best way to do so, is by hanging your favorite pictures in fun frames and arranging them in a collage on open walls throughout your home.

Items Needed:
Photos of your choice
These awesome Command strips

They really do leave your wall undamaged and they're a much better alternative to nails

I would first arranged your photo collage on the floor. That way you can play around and get the best formation for your space. Also, use different color and style of frames for a more interesting and eclectic vibe.

**Note: I used black and white photos so no colors would compete or clash with the frames.

Open the Command strips and press two strips together as explained in the directions on the box

Peel the backing off one side of the strips and place on the back and top of each frame

Start by placing the middle frame first and work outward


Hope I've inspired your next photo collage!

Until next time....