Getting Inspired...

I love to create....anything and everything! But you need inspiration and what better way to do so than having your own Inspiration Board?

Corkboard and ribbon? Been there, done that. I wanted something a little more unique and different. So I thought why not just put everything that inspires me right on my wall? I tend to go more the simple route anyway. So here's what I came up with...

Side Note: I started this awhile ago. So looking back now I would most definitely change the font and the colors. Don't know what I was thinking at the time.

- Start off by measuring a rectangle and making dashes about every 6 inches (will differ on the size you want)
- Draw very thin diagonal lines to and from each dash
- Put a thumb tack at each dash and where the lines intersect
- Wrap string (or whatever you'd like) around each tack creating the grid-like pattern
- Secure the string by making sure each tack is locked into place

Once finished, the rest is up to you. Fill it with fabric samples, pictures of family and friends, Magazine ads, maybe even pictures of yourself (if that's your thing)....whatever gets you going!

Until next time...