Painting with.....Sharpies?

Hi there! Ok, so it's been a year and some change since I last posted anything but I'm determined to get back on track. To start: filling frames with words. I've had a barren wall above my couch since I moved back in February (whoops!). A combination of laziness and lack of ideas is the reason the most creative thing on my walls is paint that came with the apartment.  Anyway, I came across a little quote a few weeks ago on tumblr that inspired me to do this project (I literally went and bought frames the same day). Let's begin...

First off, supplies:
Paint color of choice
A flat edge (preferably a clear ruler similar to below for accurate placement of letters)
Some type of material to paint/draw on (maybe even use the back of what is already in the frame)
iPhone not needed 
Start by taping down some random paper underneath to prevent any paint from getting on the table/surface area

Covered desired area in your paint color

Ok, now that you've got the general area painted, use the cardboard (or whatever) that comes in the frame to get an accurate size needed to fit the frame

Once you have your outline, you're going to start making gridlines (finding the middle, making all the letters the same size, correct spacing, etc)

Depending on your phrase you want to use, your gridlines should end of looking a little something like this

Now, start sketching by hand and with pencil your phrase/quote. I searched online for different styles of font to get an idea of what I wanted the letters to look like.

Ever so carefully and with a light hand, start going over top of your sketching with permanent marker

Once you've completed it to your satisfaction, cut along the borderlines line you made in the beginning

Place in frame


Now, follow the same steps for different phrases or quotes that you like or live by and you're on your way to an ΓΌber personalize collage. I used different fonts and frames to get a more eclectic vibe but I don't see why using the same frames, same fonts, same sizes, different sizes, etc would make it any less awesome.

But most importantly, have fun and take your time!!

P.S. I plan to add on to this later on so stay tuned :)