Proceed with Caution

When I was on vacation in North Carolina last week I got this awesome bracelet from a local Farmer's Market! I wanted to come up with a way to be able to take it on and off without having to tie and untie the bracelet every time I want to wear it. So, I decided to use a toggle clasp that I found at my local bead store...

Toggle Clasp


After (sorry for the poor quality)

Step 1: I unwound the ties at the ends of the bracelet

Step 2: I put several middle strands through both sides of the loop at the bottom of the toggle

Step 3: I tied two knots around the toggle with the same two strands I put through the toggle in Step 2

Step 4: I tied the strands on the far left and right side of the bracelet with the corresponding middle strands twice to secure the knot tight

Step 4: I trimmed the excess string

Step 5: I used a lighter to singe the loose strands, insuring the knots to not come undone. Please, oh PLEASE, be so careful! A safer option is to use super glue. If you decide to use super glue, apply the glue directly to the knot, allow to dry, then snip the extra strings that are fraying

Now, You're all set to wear this once potentially permanent bracelet whenever you would like. Stack it with a bunch of bracelets or just wear it alone!

I hope this gives you ideas for similar friendship style bracelets like these. I would also like to give a special thanks to my aunt Duana for purchasing this bracelet for me!

Until next time...